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Contrary to general concensus, I’m not ALL bitch

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I was going to begin today by having a gripe about someone not leaving me any feedback on ebay for a dress I sold a couple of months ago.  Then realised that actually, they have left feedback.   It looks very positive.  See:-

“Beautiful dress.  Fast delivery. Thanks”

No qualms there, you’d think. 

Can I just say though, that what actually happened was, that this buyer didn’t pay for ages. When they eventually did, I was unable to get to a post office until after the weekend.  It transpired that she’d wanted the dress to take on her holidays and was flying out at the weekend.

Tough titty you’d think – should have paid earlier then eh?  That’s life!

I did think that for about 10 minutes and then I saw that she lived between Manc and Chester, so I roped my brother into taking me to hand-deliver the item to her place of work, so she could have it for her hols and then I refunded her the postage cost to her paypal.

That, my friends, is fucking service! 

Not a mention of that in the feedback though eh?

And some people think I’m not that nice a person!  Well that’s all you know you bunch of c*nts!   ;-p

And my brother is f*c*ing awesome aswell.   How he is still single I do not know!


Cats love me so I must be OK - felines are rarely wrong about a person



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  1. Olympic grade vitriol there. You wanna be in my gang? lmao!!!


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