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But in my head I’m still only about 19…

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I think, ladies, we can all say that at some point in our lives we’ve all done a Marie Osmond (although not that many of us will have done it in front of so many people.)  Tena times!


Good weekend – Overnighter in Manc.  Stayed at my sister’s immaculate house (enjoy those cream walls and carpets while they last pal).  I am sure that next time we visit, the floor will be awash with dried out baby wipes and the detritus of new parenthood.


I used to have cream walls & carpets too


Went for a mushroom gangbang down the side of Kendals (and we’ve all been there!) at Koreana with old friends from back in the day (if The Day in question was one that lasted 3 nights; involved recreational pharmaceuticals, no sleep for 72 hours and a lycra catsuit). 

So long, long ago now that I don’t even think it was me.   At some point about 15 years ago that girl was snatched from her bed by aliens and replaced with some old bat with crows feet, saddlebags and no stamina for late nights; her only desire to stay in, drink tea and watch telly. 

Pity…  I rather liked the other lass, she was a game girl.  Wonder where she is now?

Tell me about it!

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