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“This is ME time now”

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For my own personal reasons, I rarely use my own photo as my incognito Farcebook profile pic.

Presently I am channelling Kath Day-Knight from ‘Kath & Kim’ (nice it’s unusual).

Look at moy Kimmy Look at moy

So,  best friend request message ever from someone I’ve not seen since about 1993:-

“Wow, I didn’t recognise you. You look totally different now”

Which I think (with all due respect to the fabulous Kath D-K) was a very polite way of saying:-

“Jesus H Christ!  WTF happened mate?”


I’m going to have a bath now in Loreal UltraLift cream and clip my crows feet back behind my ears  with a bulldog clip.


and this one just for certain people…  I  copied this today from a PSHCE KS2 text book.  I swear I have not tampered with the names in any way.


Competition entries to be in by March 30th


and only we could deviate from a lesson on pregnancy and the human gestation period and go off-piste into the realms of how a man with no arms can ride a quad bike or people who have tattoos on their amputated limb stumps.

Never a dull moment!


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  1. All I know is any male offspring would probably have massive genitalia.

    Phil stark bbc news. Pissed in devon


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