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What’s your name. Where you from. What you had?

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Name that tune:    “It would be oh so nice, to be with you, to be with you.” – (Feck knows who by, but it’s the first track on this Carl Cox set.)

Movie Quote of the Day:   “Some love stories aren’t epic novels. Some are just short stories” – Sex & the City


On the topic of DJ’s and sampling…

I used to blame rarely eating tea and an enthusiasm for amphetamines for my slimmer arms.  Girthwise these days due to more of the first and none of the second.   I have, however just had a fuck-off chair rave  in front of the PC to this gem (not for the faint of heart but give it a whirl).  It’s a recording of the Carl Cox set from Club Kinetic in Stoke on Trent on my 21st birthday 1992.   (10mins in I get one of my many shout outs – none of which I heard at the time because I was pretty mash-up  on gifted recreationals).  (Stamp your feet hard 32mins & 38secs in)

Put it this way, my freshly washed hair has almost been blown dry as I’ve been flailing around, and I think I just lost 2 kilos from each arm!  Bingo wings-a-flapping indeed.  Bman has missed a golden opportunity to rip the piss!

Thank christ I haven’t gone totally old skool and got a Hypercolour dressing gown or I’d be like frigging Joseph & his Technicolor Dreamcoat by now. Hypercolour tee shirts?  What was that all about?  I had one as well.  A simple way to let the world know that you had sweaty pits!    Nice.

Was highly tempted by this: Shelley’s Laserdome Reunion Allnighter but fate has intervened and I’ll be in Boro that night, so will have to save my elderly shapethrowing and bingo wing swinging for another time.

Maybe it’s just as well.

Big vicksy love to the old skool Chester Posse wherever they all are now!


Don't get it on your nads boys!





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