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Hands in the air like you just don’t care

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Live science exhibition this morning of me demonstrating how to put in a pair of contact lenses went well – best contact lens insertion ever in fact!  No cussing, no lenses flipping inside out – didn’t even smudge the mascara.  Nice!


[Note to Self though: don’t remove them in the evening without washing hands after applying Ti-Tree oil to childerbeasts’ newly pierced ears ].

Burn baby burn!




Bang tidy innit!

Warning:  Nessa story alert!


Stumbled  across this dated video last week, from about 1992, filmed at the infamous Trentham Gardens ‘Galactica’ rave. 

The ‘blink & you miss it’ crowd scenes consist of me, my then bf & his entourage and a coachload of hardcore from Boro. 

I suspect the crowd scenes were strongly edited due to the fact that the venue was half empty thanks to some rival sabotage.   Radio Stoke put out an announcement that the rave was cancelled so lots of people went to Shelleys instead. 

Pity…  The venue was amazing and Shades of Rhythm were fab (as of course, were Dream Frequency).  I think it’s the crowd that makes it though.  I wonder if I watch it enough times I’ll spot my own arms – I was at the front (of course!)


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