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“Jesus Christ!” indeed – you took the words right out of my mouth

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Reasons to not randomly search for shit on YouTube 101 – Finding this corker from  just about 20 years ago. 

  10 seconds in, (coincidentally just after you hear someone exclaim “Jesus Christ!”) there’s a boy in a grey hoodie with a chinstrap beard.  Behind him is a chick with a ginge tinge to her scraped back council-house facelift and the early formation of a double chin.   That’d be me and my then bf.    If you watch it again you will see the midget form of a tiny woman with a ropey perm and an uncanny likeness to Penfold from ‘Dangermouse’.  THAT hateful woman!  (far too long a story) , staring up at me from the depths of that queue of badly dressed ravers put more of a chill down my spine than the sight of me looking just as fecking scruffy and chinny, man-faced gingeytingey as I still do 20 years later! 

I forced myself to watch the rest of the footage and the other 4 parts that followed although I knew I wouldn’t be on it again.   I remember that night because I wasn’t feeling the love back then like pretty much everyone else on the video.   The gurn burn hadn’t struck me, my pupils remained the national avrerage diameter and I had yet to gain the ability to make a stick of gum last for 72 hours.   I was likely in the ladies loo making new friends and talking rubbish.    Although I do believe that was the night I took my first foray into the realm of the recreational temazepan (prescribed legitimately to me at the time for sleeplessness).   May I recommend though that this not be combined with a first ever wrap of speed.    I raved like a good’un from the waist up but was a tad sluggish from the waist down if memory serves.  Fireman’s lifted onto the dancefloor from the stage at one point by a friend to try and get me moving   🙂

Did see a few familiar fucked up looking faces  weaving their way through the crowd of sweaty bodies though.   It took me back indeed but being 20 years older I just wanted to scream “Turn the bloody lights on” or ” Hello!  Ever heard of a sports bra?” and “Take your damn hat/jumper off FFS!”

Where are all those sweaty, permed, woolly hat, cut off shorts wearing freaks now I wonder?  Probably estate agents, electricians, respectable parents, teachers, bankers, maybe even massage therapists?  ;-p 

THAT woman is dead though, I know that for sure, and I don’t mind admitting that I’m not at all sorry about that.


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