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No place for vaginas in choir & why is no-one panic buying pasties?

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Abandoned school rather quickly at the end of the day today, as the floor was littered with popcorn and I feared the ire of the caretaker (which sounds like it could have been the original title for that song by Survivor from the movie ‘Rocky’).

Better popcorn litter though than the avalanche of diagrams of vaginas that spewed onto the floor during my Choir session the other day infront of some startled looking Y3’s.  [Note to self:  Make Gene Genie keep in-tray tidy, or report her to the HSE for a Working at Height safety violation]


Sing up kids & ignore those pictures on the floor please


Speaking of HSE – this is what happens if you pay too much heed to MP’s (and forget to step away from the stove whilst siphoning petrol from one vessle to another)

Been on half term for 3 hours and I’ve heard the phrase “I’m bored, I’ve nothing to do” about 7 times already.    It may be a very long 2 weeks….


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