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Is it bedtime again yet?

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I’m on the computer blogging at 06:55am!

I’ve been awake since 0500hrs!

It’s not even Christmas Day, I’m not breastfeeding a newborn; I haven’t wet the bed; my children aren’t sick and I’m not setting off to the airport on holiday. WTF?

I’ll tell you WTF! I stayed up last night watching an episode of ‘Desperate Houseflies’ I’d recorded on Sunday (how DO those women of Wisteria Lane still look so good at their age? S’no fair!). I then headed up to bed and found Bman splayed out in the middle of the bed looking mighty comfortable but snoring like my Grandad. He’s been suffering with his neck lately (to add to the list of other crippling age 40+ ailments he applies ointments and unguents to on a daily basis). So I decided to leave him to it and headed back downstairs to the sanctuary of the couch.

All was good, but he’s on early shifts, so when he got up I figured I might as well have a coffee and start the day. Heads up to my sister who will be on the early morning train for the forseeable once my niece (Renesmee GaGa) makes an appearance (due April 13th). THERE IS NOTHING ON TV AT THIS TIME! Shopping channels and the News only. ‘Countdown’ is on at 05:35 but it was a bit early for me to focus on vowels and consonants if I’m honest. I did however solve the second numbers game in under 30 seconds when the panelists didn’t! Yay! I have been listening in Y6 Maths class.

I’m really tired now though and the childerbeast have yet to awaken and start telling me that they’re:- bored/hungry/tired/have nothing to do/peckish/thirsty/injured/don’t know what to wear/don’t want to get dressed or wash etc.

It may be a very long day… 


Not sure if she is meant to look like a paraplegic


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