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Look at my oversized kebab!

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Just noticed that this picture came up on my FB sidebar alongside the advert “See what’s on offer in BRADFORD today on GROUPON.

I'm not so sure this image is sending the right message

Not exactly inspiring the judging panel at the next European City of Culture meeting is it?

I know I blogged already today but I’ve been awake that long that it feels like 48 hours since I posted last and, as I will be incommunicado until the end of next week, this will be last chance to waffle online. 

Maybe if I’m lucky (and some unlucky people are too slow to escape me) I’ll be able to waffle in person to some of you in the flesh, so to speak.   Then again maybe not… I might just stay in and hide away under the duvet.  I washed and dried my barnet today and not for the first time in my life, have decided that I hate my hair and can’t bear to look in mirrors for too long (this is why I am often seen in public with smudged eyeliner or biro on my face).  I’d much rather hold onto the illusion of what I think I look like or once looked like when at my best (for a few days several years ago) than face the reality of harsh lighting and the inevitable signs of parenthood and ageing. 


The resemblance is disturbingly uncanny


Yes, being awake for this long is not good for the soul (nor the sensitive eye area) my friends…


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