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What I did on my hols Pt2

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You know you’re back home when there’s an underlying whiff of farts, the theme tune to the ‘Rockford Files’ playing on a compilation CD of Bman’s own devising; and you awoke this morning to him having a full conversation with the cat.

Reasons not to leave your husband unsupervised for 7 days #38  (Gene Genie – if he practices hard we could get him to come in & play our ‘anthem’)









Note to self: Do not leave unattended for too long again!











But I’m jumping ahead of myself.  I haven’t mentioned our visit to Chester Y’s yet…

Can I just say that on my death, don’t bother sending Yvette Fielding looking for me along the corridors at work or anywhere other than this spot right here; laid out like a sloth, soaking up the rays through the window at The Moss…

Best seat in the house

 This visit, I also got a first class view from my room of my folks’ neighbour’s garage roof, which for reasons best known to himself, in the spirit of the centenary of it’s sinking,  he has converted to resemble the Titanic.

Like you do…

"A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets"

It lights up on a night too, and made front page of the Chester Leader.  Hurrah for life’s little eccentricities!  God bless them and all who sail in them, particularly if they’re friends of yours.


Childerbeast spent many a happy hour in their ‘Squirrel Den’ and were most joyous when they discovered the big cardboard box in the garage which had housed my Pops’ new gargantuan hall lampshade. It resembles something from ‘Tomorrow’s World’ circa 1979 and it looks better lit up than not.

"What's in the box? What's in the box?"

Went to the old stomping ground of Chorlton cum Hardy on Tuesday to go for lunch with my heavily preggers sister (due today & so far nothing’s ocurrring – her vagina’s not stirring!).  We ate at The Horse and Jockey on the green and I had a very nice cider, walnut & smelly apeth cheese risotto.  A few too many walnuts for my personal taste but most delicious nonetheless. 

I think my folks were quite taken with the area.  I’m thinking this gaff would do nicely.         

With choice drinking holes to hand at The H&J, The Beech or my old after-work favourite, The Trev.  What’s not to like?

My old place of work – the shopfitting factory, now looks like this….


…which gave me quite a shock!  Quite the transformation indeed.  I saw the 1999 full solar eclipse sat atop a rubbish skip out front of the old building, surrounded by dirty (in more ways than one) workmen.  Happy days eh.

Basically spent my few days in the Y’s doing sweet F.A.  Dolce Faniente as the Italians would have it (the sweetness of doing nothing).   I did go into town with Mum on Wednesday and then out for pizza with Miss Sunshine at the Ring O Bells in Christleton.  2-4-1 pizza Wednesday (and if you go between 1630 and 1830 it’s half price beer too).  Nice! 

Sadly no one else was able to play out this time, due to prior commitments with Zumba classes and whatnot 🙂  Maybe next time?

R&R over it was time to return to the ghetto.  Within moments of stepping off the bus at the top of the road a gaggle of trackydak-clad young inmates ran past me yelling “Alright Miss?” as they chased 2 other boys without helmets on a dirt bike down the road .  That’s all it took… aaaand…back in the room!

So that’s all folks.  It’s bathtime tonight and I shall be early to bed to dream of my rooftop garden in Chorlton cum Hardy and evenings spent drinking beers of the world with Badly Drawn Boy in the Horse & Jockey.  Ho Hum…



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