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Turns out there are somethings you just can’t get on Ebay

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Is it just me, or am I sensing a gap in the market and a tendency for caninie favouritism in the wheelchair marketplace?

Not a whiff out there of a ready to buy, wheeled conveyance for felines but I could have got her a fricking wig! 


Wigs for cats? FFS! I thought I was crackers looking for bloody wheelchairs. 

I may have to resort to a toy one from the Build a Bear store.  Or get Bman to soup up one of the childerbeasts’ mini skateboards from the shed…


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  2. Mark C. Robinson

    This is Mark Robinson, president of We LOVE cats! we just acquired meow-wear and were working on a wheelchair for cats. Stay tuned!

    • Excellent news. Though I notice a lack of pirate outfit on Meow Wear (just in case this leg pinning op goes wrong and she has to have the leg amputated). Hook/ tricorn hat / tiny toy shoulder parrot etc. Also, I call dibs on the Boudicat costume idea, so don’t even go there. 🙂


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