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The Anti-Kit is imminent

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I have just been told that my sister is about to get into the water!

Renesmee Kitka GaGa may be about to swim her first lap of the pool. I am goggled-up and ready with my underwater camera and on my way to Manc… (if only my sis would let me).

Sadly I shall have to let JC doing the fishing and to keep me informed.

I don’t think I was this excited about having my own kids… probably because I know I can do all the coochie gooey stuff and then hand the baby back and return to my own life.

Watch this space….


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  1. Possibly watching back to back Titanic got Jade and baby Cole in the mood for the water splashing. Thanks for letting us know Kit. I’m watching this space, in fact I’m not taking my eyes off it. Thinking of Jadey and hope all is going well. All excited. xx


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