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Butt seriously?

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The other day I uploaded some recent pictures to a photo storage website, which will remain anonymous, and I stumbled across an archived album of mine from a few years ago. 

I had begun to compile some photos of myself to make a calendar for Bman as a Christmas present.  The album was going to consist solely of photographs of my bottom, clad in various pairs of undies.  What’s not to like?  A butt per month and you don’t even have to look at my face!  Could be anyone’s cheeks right?

I never did finish the calendar.   I don’t know whether I ran out of decent duds or decided that Bman was unworthy of such a priceless gift for some reason or another or what.    I do know this though:-  Damn!  My ass was alright! 

Is it still?   I’m veering toward the negatory if I’m honest but at least it’s better than my face, which these days just looks perpetually sour, weatherbeaten and unhappy.

I tell you this too.  It has made me want to work even harder at shifting some excess and firming that bad girl back up again and getting that calendar completed, cos I’ll be honest… so far… being 40 both sucks and blows! and I could use a bit of amusement in my life right now.

Bet you’re all really nervous about upcoming birthdays & next Christmas now eh?   You could be resting your drinks on coasters of my buttocks before the year end.

Be afraid!

Shape up sister!



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  1. Thats what my Christmas table has been missing! Butt coasters!

  2. Surely a Facebook album of aforementioned pics is just around the corner? We can give marks out of ten? I’ll adopt best Len goodman accent for a chorus of SEVEN!!!! Lmao. Please note other scores available on request


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