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It’s Sunday! Flash your undercrackers to the World!

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Crazy double murderer now in police custody after being spotted by off-duty Dibble near Crown Point in Leeds.  No truth to the rumour that it was the tinsel wig that first attracted his attention…

Hosepipe ban still in force yet it’s like the fricking ‘Poseidon Adventure’ meets ‘The Perfect Storm’ outside today.  I’ve kept my curtains closed all day as I find it helps drown out the sound of the  howling wind and biblical rain. 

(Note to self: do not go out to the bin in knee length flared tea dress in gale force wind unless exposing your undies to the street was your plan all along!)

     Instead I have made use of my time by hand-stitching some shabby chic bunting for festival season, when hopefully the sun will shine.  I have frightened Bman and the cat by modelling my Red Queen (work in progress) costume.  I have also painted my nails to match my dressing gown and, in the quest of ‘Child Vs Food’,  the homemade oversized mini egg cookie didn’t stand a chance!



Sunday well spent

see how their eyes have glazed over with glee



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