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On this day in history – we were mostly a bit pissed

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On this day in history April 30th 2011, things looked a little bit like this:-

Afternoon Tea @ The Lowry Hotel

then it all went a little bit Aphex Twin when we frightened my sister with this:-

Oy! Bufty's Helen! Where's your mask pal?

then the Vengabus arrived…

15 minutes in we had to stop and refuel at Threshers!

After that it all went a bit Westside as this next picture demonstrates:-

1 year on & still none the wiser as to what was going on here with my leg

Then some of us took the slightly more painful route down the stairs than using the lift (those heels are nobody’s friend after a few gin cocktails!) While others took to driving the streets of Manchester baying for booze and drinking vodka from the spout of a teapot. 

Since that debauched night out, several of the Palfinger Posse have been struck down with a case of pregnancy and birth.   May they rest when they can and take extra care when they laugh too loud or sneeze.         

 I look forward to a repeat performance when the novelty of parenthood has worn off and the urge to act like drunken eejits kicks back in.  (I give it 6 months tops!) Remember ladies – a Long Island Ice Tea does in fact count as one of your Five a Day. Xx


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