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If I’m not back by Saturday… send in the Marines

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Did anybody see BBC look North at 6pm?  Talking about the local elections and whether or not we should have a Mayor elected by the masses?  Where the heck did they get the people from who they asked?  One of them was actually Tommy’s mum from ‘The Rugrats’ and the other was Hugo Reyes, fresh from his 5 year isolation on the island of ‘Lost’.


Try and iplayer it later and tell me I’m not right!

In the meantime. It’s that time of year again.  Our annual residential trip!  (cue Carmina Baruna music and storm clouds brewing overhead).   Looking forward immensely to taking out a group of inmates into the wilds next to an open body of water, who can’t listen or follow a simple instruction in a contained environment.  I shall be in full hybrid Joyce Grenfell/Professor Snape mode throughout and I’m preparing right now  by having a glass or two of the devils own tipple… white wine.  I fear it may not be enough and I may have to venture into Jagermeister territory (and I don’t even like the stuff).

If I’m not back online by Saturday evening search Eccup Reservoir for my remains.



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