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Flying trees Vs Flying Keys

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Well the working week is over and so far my favourite childerbeastisms are (in a Science paper):-

“What cause the body to move?” and the answer given was “Brian”

Who is this mysterious omnipotent Brian who controls our every move I wonder?

Apparently also, the life process that both birds and trees can do is, “fly and lay eggs”

Also, seals propel themselves through the sea with their “arms”.

I love kids.  They’re fab (except when they’re calling you a “div”, “mush”; falling out in lumps over playing tig;  bare-faced lying to you about something you blatantly saw them doing; or telling you to “shut up”).

Their naïveté  comforts me, especially when I was offered the memory cards of their photos from the Residential the other week, so we could use some for the Assembly slideshow.    Ouch. You might have wanted to delete some of those more incriminating ones first, “Love”! 

Although I did like this one of me clearly not in any mood for my close-up. (that’ll be the 2 late nights patrolling the halls then).

Back the hell away NOW!

Best question of the week was asked by a child with indigestion.

“Miss what would you do if you had some wicked acid?”


                    funny story………

                                             There was this one time at Park Hall Hills near Stoke….

But that’s a tale for another time………………………….





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