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Pride of Britain

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What lovely children on BBC news this morning live from Lands End and the start of the Olympic Torch relay.  Polite, well-groomed and well spoken, waxing lyrical on how much they were looking forward to the Olympics.  It gave me hope for future generations.

However…. I await the Torch’s visit to Bradford with a certain amount of trepidation as I suspect the calibre of interviewees may have deteriorated somewhat by the time it gets this far North.  I have visions of it being borne aloft from the heady heights of a pony & trap pulled by a mangy Shetland pony by an illiterate 12-year-old with a rat’s tail & his trou stuffed into his socks. Never to be seen again as he has cashed in the torch at the local scrappers yard.

Or maybe that’s only if the torch comes anywhere near my neck of the woods…..


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