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Zeppelins in a photo finish & trash telly

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I know someone else who might have ended up in bother for over-exposure today

Boobies reaching 4th base before the rest of the body does not a rounder make my friend! ;-)   Next time, think that wardrobe through a bit more before planning a sports afternoon.

Quality TV trash moment of the week already last night had to be ‘Snog Marry Avoid’, which I got sucked into just as I was about to turn off the box and go to sleep.  The words “I can’t decide whether to be a glamour model or a teacher” drew me like a  moth to a flame though and my hand stopped in mid-air above the OFF button.  It was worth sticking with though as there was another girl on who made her own jewellery from chicken bones she found raking through people’s bins and also collected her pubes in a jar.  Fabulous!

Right, now I’m off to paint my lips with tippex, bang on 4 pairs of false lashes, spray tan myself to a darker shade of mahogany and iron my basque and best boudoir pants for work tomorrow.

Bang tidy!


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  1. oh dear…..i suspect i know who this is….


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