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Silly season is upon us. 

A few hot days and everyone goes a bit westside.  Usual tragedies of daredevil youth bridge-jumping into rivers to their deaths; reservoir swimming (never to be seen again); kids on lilos rescued from the sea by good Samaritan who then dies… yadayadayada.  I give it a week before we get a Final Destination style tale of tragic and untimely demise involving a BBQ and lighter fluid.

The Americans of course have to go a step further and start stripping off and eating people alive!


I’ve only gone as far as ooglying the coconuts to be used on the coconut shie at Friday’s Jubilee Extravaganza afternoon at ‘The Office’.  I see it as a way of putting folk off their aim by making the prizes look too cute to knock from their perches.




It is only Monday though.  I could quite easily go Postal before Friday, you never know.

FYI.  If you’re ever on an uninhabited island with some pals and between you, you leave the food bag on the tiny boat that dropped you off and then went back to the mainland, not scheduled to return to collect you for another 4 days…. coconuts are not your friend if you can’t find any for ages and then when you do you can’t crack the fucker open!  If however you packed an emergency Bounty, some  3-minute noodles and a few cans of ready-mixed Gordons & Tonic you’ll survive to camp another day.

13.09.97 – A Taste of Paradise


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