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I was about to order 7 pallets of tinned peaches and bottled water until I realised that chances are…. I am unlikely to be around to see how this pans out.


I will however (hopefully) be around for next week’s Transit of Venus for which I will be early rising to watch at 5am.  Cue a decent quip from the Bman along the lines of, “When was I going to wake up early to see the rising of his penis across Uranus?”  Nice!


Jubolympic shizzle Part 1 seemed to go OK today.  Part 2 on Sunday, with less coconuts and more people I actually like 🙂  Also broken up for 12 days, which hasn’t come soon enough for me.  I’ve more than had enough of this week!

BTW. 10 years ago I got married (officially) to the Bmiester at Bradford Registry office – photos courtesy of the photo booth at the Interchange – the 3 week precursor to the big ‘Hello!’ magazine number in a marquee at The Moss.(Insert any gag you like here about serving less time for murder etc etc)


PS: 10 year wedding anniversary gift is tin.  Tin?  WTF?  Tin?  I await my can of beans with eager anticipation.



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