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Hey at least it wasn’t raining today on my Jubilee Afternoon Tea fandangle soiree (or anything).  Nope. Not raining.  More like monsoon times!

Outside in my PJ’s and raincoat this morning at 8am untangling my, now saturated, bunting and moving the gaysboy directly infront of the back door for ease of access for the smokers.

Foxtrot foxtrot sierra!

Ah well.  Us Brits never let the rain put us off from knuckling down and cracking on!  Even the childerbeast’s fave cuddlies got into the spirit of the occasion and dressed up.

Sandy & Jack in their best whistles

 Childerbeast iced some buns and washed their hands first and everything.

Can you tell which pair are the Bear’s own personal buns?

Top marks for patriotism

sweet overload?

 Folks arrived fairly fresh from France with chaussures pour les enfants, a Dali Tee & absinthe sweets for me.  (My Laboutins are obviously being held back for a birthday gift).

French footwear. Brit Tats

Fab, as per to see the Fam, as well as A&F and the future PM of the UK, DB!  Missed my bro who was likely asleep in a bush or barfing into a bin somewhere in Bristol after his pal’s stag weekend.  I suspect my photos will be more tasteful than any of his!

To be fair, the Bear almost barfed in a bin herself due to cupcake and scone overload and blamed it on “an off strawberry”.  She had to go and lie down for half an hour until the partysickness had worn off.


The AntiKit

spellcheck courtesy of the ‘concise Jo Shaw’ English dictionary













Childerbeast decided to hell with the rain and entertained themsleves with seeing how fast they could run up and down the path. The loser was the one who was the wettest!  Who needs TV eh(Although watching Boris Johnson looking a bit piddly on a barge sailing down the Thames in the pissing rain was quite entertaining #BorisonthePimms)




Everyone’s long gone now and I’m all tidied away. The childerbeast are in bed but there’s half a jug of Pimms left and a couple of scones crying out to be put out of their misery and Bman is at work til late so the couch calls...

Chin chin Xx


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