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Not long to go before I stop including the word ‘Jubilee’ into other words – hang on in there!

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Movie Quote of the Day:  “Give me an occupation or I shall go mad” – Sense & Sensibility

Wouldn’t you know that today it hasn’t rained once.  Not a drop.  Sun has been out most of the day, if a tad breezy.  Should have had my Jubilympics today instead of yesterday!  Typical!

At least it will be dry when I light my Jubileacon bonfire beacon in the garden later. (For beacon read, camping firebowl and a citronella candle)

On a non jubilizzledizzle related topic. Having become far to sedentary for my own good lately (read: fat) and it being the half term I thought I’d stick in a bid on these bad boys on dirty old ebay. 

Oh Yeah!

Exercise and entertainment for self and the neighbours – what could go wrong?

Can’t think why the childerbeast have protested so vehemently against the idea.  Personally I think it would put a whole new (literal)  spin on my playground duty at work. 

To be fair, as far as embarassment factor goes, it will take a pair of 80’s rollerboots to compete with the (I shit you not) ‘wet look’ black windcheater I noticed Bman bidding on the other dayI pray he didn’t win it!

Have been laughing at the Queen’s tweets today on this:!/Queen_UK

Brill!  Loving the one which read: “JLS? Really? JLsoddingS? What part of “Iron Maiden” wasn’t clear?”

FYI I will be watching the Gary Barlow suckuptotheQueen fest this evening and drinking G&T throughout!


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