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Someone tell Stevie it’s not her bloody birthday!

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Nothing says 60 glorious years your Maj better than my kids in their PJ’s lighting a jubilee beacon from our camping firebowl in the back yard.  Grace Jones can take her Hula Hoop and her over-oiled legs and feck right off!

Cheryl (don’t call me Cole) and Ooooh Gary Barlow doing a duet.  I say duet.  Gary sang fine – Chezza was most definitely NOT worth it though!  I could have sung better and the bloody cat bites my face when I sing!

Childerbeast tuned out after JLS and only got back in the game when Kylie came on in full pearly queen regalia.

I’m just glad someone remembered to switch Macca’s mic on after that “Let it Be” disaster at Live Aid in ’85!

Hell, I’m easily entertained after a couple of gins if I’m honest, but I still think they should have got GaGa on or better still done a “Surprise Surprise Diana’s not really dead” thing.  She’s just been in hiding all this time like Meryl Streep in that movie with her and Goldie Hawn – I forget what it’s called.  She could have jumped out of a cake shaped like a white Fiat Uno or something yelling “Clunk Click Every Trip”*

* and this is why I wasn’t asked to organise this gig.


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  1. We loved it all. Jo has interesting theory on why cliff and Elton have lost their voices and why sir Tom has not. Will let you fill in the blanks there….top show though and makes you proud to be British.


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