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What I actually did when I could have been doing something constructive or healthy

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Movie Quote of the Day:  “I’m not crazy! I’ve just been in a bad mood for forty years!” – Steel Magnolias

Name that Tune:   “The air attack warning sounds like… this is the sound…” – Two Tribes, Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Evening of cider, cheese and 80’s version of Trivial Pursuit on Friday night. Rock n Roll!

Danish Blue doesn’t sit well with Strongbow, as I already knew, but I’d factored for grape based beverages rather than apple.  Still, it all went down nicely and the game went on, and on (and on) into the small hours.  This was possibly due to my tactics of “It’s the 80’s, every answer is either going to be Brezhnev, Reagan, Spectrum or something to do with Duran Duran“.  Turns out I was wrong, although I still dispute that Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Two Tribes’ was the biggest selling single of the entire 1980’s.

After yesterday’s frenzy of domestic activity, today I have mostly been a saggy old cloth catpuss, dozing on the couch infront of kids’ DVD’s and banal TV.  It’s June, surely I should be in the garden sipping Pimms in the sun not cranking the heating up and comfort eating.

Blobule times!


BTW.  Didn’t win the rollerboots, much to my children’s relief.


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