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Keep Calm and Cameron

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It’s only Monday and this may well already be my favourite news story of the week.

Even I have never left any of my kids in the pub and I’m always forgetting things these days.  So far (touch wood) the closest I’ve been is when Bear was about 18months old and hid from me in a clothes store inside a rail of skirts!  (Longest 20 seconds of utter panic of my life!)

Hmmm, I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. What could it be?


Spent last evening weeping at ‘Dear John’* and the last ever episode of ‘Desperate Housewives’.  The ladies of Wisteria Lane have been my constant companions for every episode over the last 8 years.  They all still look fabulous and I feel about 82 and look like shit most of the time.  Bah!

‘Prometheus’ 3D tonight on a freebie from the ever-obliging ‘Baby David’.  Well done that man, I owe you a drink 🙂

Back to work tomorrow for the last 7 weeks of term.  My aim is to remain calm, collected and serene at all times.

I give it an hour tops!


 *  soppy chick flick with the bird from Mama Mia & some fit youth, not the 80’s sitcom with that dude who looked like Roy Cropper from Corrie.


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  1. I have not done that either. Come to think of it I am not even sure I have taken Alex to a pub. Probably for the best seeing the states I get in. I now have a job Kit, so I will be looking to rejoin ‘society’ at some point soon. Gus x


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