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What I did when I wasn’t at work

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Name that tune: –  “If you wait ’til tomorrow she’ll no longer be there” – The birds in your garden – Pulp

Spent a long weekend in Chester.   Saw many gurning teens on the train on their way to the Chester Rocks! Festival; drinking Stella and  clearly off their tits.  It was 10:30am and I wasn’t sure whether to feel disapproving or envious if I’m honest.

Saturday night was spent in the local.  Red wine and catching up with Bro, Bro-in Law & Sis.  Good times!

Sunday – Father’s Day luncheon at different local.  Asparagus & mushroom soup; wild mushroom and truffle oil risotto, then Eton Mess.  Tasty! 

Sunday eve –  ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ on the box, all psyched up for a weepfest with my Mum, that never happened because they changed the ending from the book! WTF?  Why do they do that?

Spent money I don’t really have in Debenhams sale today in Manc with my sister and niece, who clearly isn’t a fan of the tram, or of shopping.  Grizzly bambini times!

Lovely weekend all round and grateful for the extra day off.  Yay to training days that I don’t have to attend!

And proving that you’re never too old to play space hopper races:-

Tena Lady times, putting that pelvic floor to the test!

The Bear shows us olds how it’s really done:-






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