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Happysad totally should be a real word

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Feeling a bit happysad today  (Sappy? Had? Hadsy?). 

Various reasons: – Some of which I cannot divulge to the Information Superhighway for legal/personal reasons.  Others somewhat superficial, like I think I need a new pair of wedges for sure.  Excuse to shop – Yay!  No spare money for frivolities like shoes – Boo!  😦


 Guess who’s back and out of the cage?  Yay!  🙂 But with a crooked back and a limp.  Boo!  😦


 Impromptu trip out this morning at work – Yay!  🙂

Sight that greeted us as we reached the crossroads to the micro-ghetto of my neighbourhood on the way back:-  FFS!   😦


 Update on job for next academic year – HappySad  YayBoo!   :-/





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