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Am I bothered? I am, as it goes!

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Charging up to 500 sheets to state the obvious?  This is where I’m going wrong.  Forget topless ironing ont Tinterweb for easy money – bloody hell!

Who knew that this is where a nation of stressed out parents were going wrong?

“Give your child choices and make them aware of the consequences of making the wrong choice.

Remain consistent in your parenting.

Embrace your child for who they are – you cannot change them… you can only work with what you’ve got.”
                                                                        The 3 Day Nanny- Kathryn Mewes


Cheers love!  Never would have thought of any of that by myself.

Lets be honest – some kids are just fuckwits, but that’s usually due to the apple not falling far from the tree.  In the meantime, the teaching profession are meant to pick up the slack and succeed in maintaining order and decorum where a legion of parents have failed in their own homes.  This is the shit we have to deal with before you even start on your lesson plan.

and then the public is shocked when something happens like that poor man who lost it and lobbed a weight at a boy in his class.

If parents are happy to tolerate that kind of atrocious attitude and behaviour at home then that’s their look-out but they need to take just as much responsibility when the shit hits the fan and their little darling gets into bother at school, then can’t deal with being told off about it. All because they’re under the deluded illusion that they’re a Princess or Little Lord chuffing Fauntelroy! 

Have decided I am having custom-made ink stamps made for next year that say;  ‘FFS!’  ‘WTF?’ and ‘WHAT?’ and possibly ‘I wouldn’t dare!’

                                      **Deep breath + chamomile tea**

(I was hurt again in the line of duty today – can you tell?)





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