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Here’s something else I already did

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This news story caught my eye for all the wrong reasons today:-

Man’s best friend indeed!  I bet he’s glad that’s splashed all over the newspapers for his kids to see and their mates to see and their parents to know about.

Awkward!  Not going to be asked to pet-sit anyone’s pets any time soon I’m guessing.


Remember when I got cross a few years ago when I saw someone wrote a book titled something like, ‘The Desperate Housewife Diaries’ or something? I  was all like, “Hey, hold the phone! That’s me and I haven’t written it all down yet – it’s still a work in progress dude”.   Well, once again,  someone has made the news doing something that I’ve been doing for a lot longer:-


I also have a Kermit, now worth more than I thought, as he is 1970’s original.  Purchased by my younger brother at his primary school summer fayre in the early 1990’s. 

I forget what made me take him with me when I went off backpacking in 1997 but I do remember that we thought he was going to explode on the plane to Bangkok when he swelled up like a pumpkin in my coat pocket.   Luckily he survived intact and deflated as the cabin pressure changed when we came in to land.

May I draw your attention to the following holiday snaps, which all began in a dorm room at Manly Backpackers, Sydney, April 1997:-

Kermit calls dibs on the top bunk, Sydney April 1997

Soon after this shot was taken we all got quite drunk and decided to play a game of “throwing Kermy onto the ceiling fan to see how long he could say up there before he flew off”.    Kermy was game – he’s hardcore and survived another day!    From then he was there for the duration:- Sydney, Brisbane, sailing the Whitsundays;  fending off wild dingoes on Fraser, Uluru, stifling 60 degree heat in Coober Pedy; 4 seasons in a day in Melbourne for 3 months; Tasmania, then all round New Zealand.  Living it large on The Strip in Vegas then back to reality in dismal Manchester home again in April 1998. 

Kermit came to New York in 1999 and did the full tourist bit in my bag yet again.     He joined us in 2001 when Bman learned never to let me book a holiday unsupervised again.  We had talked about a week in Spain, until I saw that we could have 3 weeks in Goa for the same amount and booked it without consulting him. 


Riverside Hotel, Baga Beach, Goa, 2001

We may not have been to quite as many exotic locations as this other guy  but let it be said that my Kermit has been with me pretty much everywhere.  

He was in my girly marabou feather handbag on my wedding day.  He came on honeymoon to Italy.  Somewhere ( I can’t find it) is a picture of him taken at Pompeii.

He was even present at the birth of both of my children, & in all likelihood at the conception, (or at the very least, overseeing proceedings from his perch on the shelf in my room – no pictures of this that I am aware of!)

He’s been on Y6 Residential with me the past 2 years :-

Bus home from Herd Farm. 2012

He’s been on every camping trip and to every festival.  I really should take more photos of him for evidence.  I know there are more kicking around but I’ve been doing this so long that my pics are old-school – developed at Happy Snaps jobs.  (Have tried raking around in albums for them but lost the will to live after the 18th one.)

Long live scraggy old beany Kermit and may he travel many more miles and see more of the world before I die.

Kermit – right now – June 28th 2012


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