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Just shoot me!

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From last night’s massive cock (& not in a good way) on Cherry Healey’s ‘How to get a life’, to AOL News assailing me with a bunch of tits this morning!

I await annihilation from an invading alien task force of giant cockroaches with open arms and continual wonderment that we haven’t, as a race, been stamped out before now!*

My feeling that we may as well just call it a day was sealed earlier this week when one of my charges informed me that “You don’t need school to get a job cos you can get £10 for a wheely bin full of scrap metal down at the scrapyard – as long as it’s not magnetic”.

Sod gaining HLTA status eh. I’ll just trawl the streets and back gardens dragging a wheely bin behind me shall I?

Holy moley!



*It’s already beginning with the invasion of Spanish slugs I was hearing about on Breakfast news the other day.

Hasta la vista amigos!

Dia de los muertos – Slug style


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