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Sail away with me honey….

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Festival season is upon us.  (you can tell by the rain and the cancellations due to flooding). 

I saw a young lad tip out of a taxi at the end of my street yesterday morning, looking forlorn and pissed off, with his single skin pop-up tent and an unopened slab of Carling.  Not sure if he had come home after just one night or was on his way. 

Either way he look thoroughly fed up about the 8am thunder storm.


I am collating the usual array of claptrap together for my first foray into the muddy minefield of portaloos and unnecessary headgear at the end of July.  My cupboards are already bursting with packets of anything that hot water can be added to, to form a suitable supper for the children that won’t take up much space in the car.  If this rain persists I may also need to invest in one of these bad boys rather than the old Vango 8man.

I am hoping that despite the river flowing through the site at Magic Loungeabout that they are not forced to cancel, as I am particularly looking forward to Inner City on the Saturday night.  If they play ‘Pennies from Heaven‘ I can see scary ‘Mum Dancing’ kicking in and the childerbeast mortified.  I can already picture them heading back to Crew Camping muttering “OMG she is so embarrassing” through gritted teeth while I rave on regardless!  Ditto ‘Chic’ on the Friday night.  Disco welly times dudes!


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