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Spent a lovely Sunday with the Fam in Chester yesterday for annual clan gathering for civilised luncheon.  This year, the sun shone, the space hoppers were inflated and family time pond-dipping took place. 

Can I keep it Dad?

I wanted to bring some wee froggies home in a jar for my pond.  But anyone who even remotely knows my pops will understand that such a thing as ‘an old jar’ was not to be found!  Even his Tupperware is made from Tiffany crystal FGS!  (Love you Dad!)  Good times and good food and Flo Rider didn’t cry on me this time.  I sang her to sleep with a ‘Wynken Blynken & Nod’ and a bit of ‘Que Sera Sera’. 

… sailed off in a wooden shoe…

Yes I am in wellies- Hunter chic darling!

No likey Unka Brew


Good times!


Monday 9th July 2012

Imagine the thrill of just tucking into lunch in the staffroom, to suddenly realise that there appears to be a Centaur outside the window:

Such is the magical place I live in

Then I remembered that I don’t actually live in Narnia or the Forbidden Forest of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It was, in fact, just a donkey being wrangled out of the school grounds by our handy, on-site equine expert.  Likely escaped from some local rag & bone merchants (and there are a lot of them about round these parts – £10 a wheelie bin dontcha know!).

Only in Tyersal!

BTW. Check out google street view of the road next to mine, where if you follow the view down the street you can see a man letting his dog take a shit on the path! (Tyersal Terrace, BD4)



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