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Movie Quote of the Day:  “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit”  – Back to the Future

Name that Tune:  Party nights, and neon lights, we hit the floors, we hit the heights.

Well, our Quattros were well and truly fired up last night at the 80s themed, gender-reassignment, comparing vol-au-vonts to ladyparts; monster munch chomping; all pile-on shenanigans at Busty McHooter’s house.  

Even the dog got into the spirit of the occasion:-

He loves dressing up

had enough now though

Forget escaped chimpanzee’s rampaging through Vegas.  Us girls taught them everything they know about going westside!  Luckily none of us were shot by the police or tranquillised by animal rangers, although it could easily have gone that way…

It all started innocently enough with just a bit of cross-dressing and a quiz, but then the Taboo took hold, the Cherry B’s came out & the Southern Comfort/wine/apple sourz cocktails kicked in. 

Shirley seemed quite pleased with Pepsi’s new look

Caterpillars were attempted on the laminate floor and Duran Duran lyrics dissected with great mirth over mini potato waffles and dips.  Madonna was slaughtered with gusto, karaoke fashion.  Like a Virgin indeed!   The Rubik Cube piñata  didn’t stand a chance on that washing line in the wee small hours. 

Have to say though, that I stand by what I said last night.  I could have drunk every last drop of dodgy booze on that kitchen worktop and still not thought that going to a club in Bradford would have been a good idea!  Fortunately, reason & good sense prevailed through the fug of gin breath and babycham (and the impressive lightshow, courtesy of Bman’s laser collection) and we stayed safely indoors.

Gratuitous nonsense and reckless dancing came in spades and by the power of social media I am sure half of the UK will now be a party to the evidence. The pleading cry over the Information Superhighway tonight will be a resounding, “Untag. Untag Untag”!

In the words of one of my all time favourite 1980’s tracks, TAOTWOSWGMF:- (about 3.30 in)

“Yeah what happened inbetween / Yeah, what else happened? / Well… It goes pretty much like this….”

Party like it’s 1985




You know you want it!









Not sure why I look naked on this one… I’m not!










Pile on!

Taxi please!











Some,  (not me this time) even took a bit of a disco snooze right in the thick of it.

‘just resting my eyes for a moment – honest’


I’ve held back on posting the photos of the ‘Oops upside your head’ dancing for legal reasons.  My blog may end up with a Parental Advisory notice slapped across it!

Fab night had by all – you can always rely on Busty McHooters to host a killer soiree! 

I have been incredibly tired today thanks to strolling home through the ghetto at 4am, with coat, camera, keys and a giant cheesecake acquired on the way out!  Childerbeast woke me up at 8:30am but have, mercifully, pretty much left me to my own devices all day and only actually got on my nerves in the last haf an hour before they went to bed.  Overtired mummies and argumentative children is not a good recipe for a harmonious household.

Boing! Time for bed myself.  I think I’ll slip into bed with a bit of the Gene Genie just to keep up the 80’s theme for a little longer.



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  1. Looks a lot like your 15th birthday party 🙂


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