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What we’re gonna do now is go back… way back

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With the Bman still out-of-town yesterday and me still suffering from the lethargic aftermath of coming home with the birds on Saturday morning (it’s been a while), yesterday was a lazy day indeed.

I did manage to run the vac round; do a spot of ironing; polish the TV and mantlepiece and gave the old wedding photo its annual tussle with the duster.  Other than that, my exertions were very limited. I  was at least dressed (if by dressed you mean that I had slackydaks on over my PJ’s).

Took myself off to bed with a DVD 5 minutes after the children had said their goodnights.  I opted to watch the movie ‘One Day’ – an adaptation of the book by David Nicholls.  Knew it was a bit of a chick flick and weeping may be on the cards so thought it best to watch it with Bman out of the house.

If you’re unaware of the storyline, it’s about a boy and girl who meet in their early 20’s on July 15th (ironically, yesterday’s date) and then tells the story of their lives on each July 15th for the next 20 years. Will they/won’t they get together. She likes him/he doesn’t fancy her/he fancies her/she’s now with someone else, etc etc. You know how it goes – what’s known as a “Ross&Rachel”.

I was right.  I wept.


Was forced to stay awake to watch ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ afterwards.  This one was like ‘The Hangover’/’Back to the Future’.  It was very silly but I actually rather liked it. 

So, the question of the day is this.  If your hot tub suddenly malfunctioned and you ended up going back in time.  Where would you go? More to the point, if you could go back and do something different, which wouldn’t affect the old space-time continuum, so you still had your children and weren’t married to Quagmire from Family Guy or father to your own mother or some such.  What would you do differently? 

Any regrets niggling away there at the back of the old subconscious (or indeed the all too real conscious?)  Feign to deny there isn’t something you’d do differently/not do at all/ do all over again, or do even better.

Answers on a postcard please, or feel free to comment anonymously.  I’m all ears.

Altogether now…. “There was this one time……”  🙂



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  1. Interesting that Internet cyber thieves can set up new identities from just having my Flickr password yet I have to moderate my own comment on my own blog – FFS!

  2. On the theme of time travel, can I just point out that over-analysis of any kind of space-time paradox in this context is off limits. Having just been ‘Sheldoned’ for half an hour on way home from seeing MIB3, I beg you to just go with the fun flow and tell me what you’d do/who you’d do/not do etc, if you had a hot-tub time machine. 🙂


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