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School’s Out!

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In the words of Alice Cooper:- “School’s out for Summer!”

Oh yeah!

Leavers assembly was a success.  Clear enunciation; a few tears, decent singing and a fab display of teamwork with the Men in Black dance routine to finish.

Bish. Bosh. Job done!


Great haul of giftage to take home also.   ‘Gavin & Stacey’ box set, new T shirt, wine x3, bouquet of flowers, chocolates and smellies among other things  🙂

Weekend in Farndale was long overdue and most hospitable as ever.  Too much wine was drunk, but damn! I needed it after last week.  Sun shone Saturday morning and we managed (eventually)  to rally the troops to leave the sticks and spend the day on the coast at Saltburn by the Sea.


Mexican Chilli Chipstix – a taste sensation

Lazy day Sunday with a late lunch at to top it off before we headed back to the ghetto.  As we drove into Leeds we saw a car fully on fire at the side of the motorway.  Didn’t look as though anyone was still in it but emergency services were only just arriving as we passed it.  “Don’t look kids.  Don’t look!” (as they were glued to the window, rubbernecking.)

Went into work today to shift a few things around and put my bookshelf back in order (the mix up of authors and genres had been making me feel uncomfortable for over a week – I was starting to twitch every time I looked at it).  We then were treated to lunch by the Retiring Head as a thankyou for not sending him totally insane over the last few years (although not for the want of trying).  Bless him. 

A new era awaits in September!

Watch this space…


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