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OK.  If I don’t write this up, the moment will be gone and once it’s gone you can’t get that shit back.  So here goes…


Right ho!  Magic Scroungeabout.  What can I tell you?  Felt like I did even less for my entry ticket this year than last year!  We were only timetabled to do our Wake & Shake malarkey 3 times!   We even got meal passes, even though we didn’t use them all  because, as per, we had cornered the market in instant noodles and boil in the bag curried items.  We were never in any danger of starvation that’s for sure.

Bman also got in with no bother for putting up some posters. He even ended up pitching camp with us in crew camping rather than trudging up the hillside on t’other side of the river with the punters.  He was slightly concerned however, when this sign went up less than 20m from his tent (which incidentally was pink, cos he’d borrowed one of mine).

not THAT pink tent tho – the one you saw ahead of you when you automatically looked up …

 He said he couldn’t offer gravy wrestling as gravy granules were about the only food item we didn’t have.  He said noodle wrestling might be on offer though.


Chic on Friday night were superb – Childerbeast #2 even got to go backstage and boogie upfront.  This is where I should say something like “Well Jell”.

(at this stage I wanted to put a series of pics of her dancing, but this fuckwittage of a PC/website/whichever it is, is refusing to play ball today and I don’t have the patience to persevere with it this morning!)

Inner City on Saturday night were great once they eventually all came on.  Personally I thought Kevin Saunderson’s DJ set for half the gig would have been better in the dance tent rather than main stage – but that’s just me.  What do I know?  (Feck all apparently).  Might have been polite to get his name right too rather than announcing him as Kevin Sanderson.  They played ‘Pennies from Heaven’ so I got to bounce around in my Hunters while the childerbeast begged me to stop.

Only 1 of these 3 is enjoying Inner City

Charlatans were great Sunday night, although their set ended rather abruptly and they refused to return for an encore. 

Thrilled at the prospect of the Charlatans

Highlights for me this year included the guy who had his photo taken with the guitarist from Charlatans and told us that this had almost made him have a sex wee” and that he was going to take all the pictures down of his son when he got home and replace them with copies of the photo of him and Charlatans dude. 

There was also ‘Dicko’ (unsurprisingly, from Leeds) who stole the show at the Duck Race on Sunday evening.  Announcing that he was Liberace’s long lost niece and that the ‘Duck Off’ was a stitch up and insisting the winning duck be dope tested for steroids.

Duck Off!

I enjoyed camping it up as the Red Queen for a couple of hours a day and demanding of complete strangers (including 2 officers of the law), that they return my tarts and find me a hedgehog to play croquet with. (FYI it was a treasure hunt – kids searched for tiny keys and returned them to me in exchange for a love-heart lolly).  I met so many lovely, polite children who reaffirmed my belief that not all kids are rude, ignorant, ill-mannered scrotes!

Off with her head!

Smiley Hot Tub Dave is my new best friend for letting us have a free half hour stewing ourselves like veg in the riverside  hot tub (which I ensured had been filtered first).  Sadly is was not a hot tub time machine, unless you count the fact that after boiling like a teabag for 30 minutes I felt amazing but had shrivelled up like a raisin and looked even older than when I got in. (Am still waiting for that to wear off BTW).

Other moments that brought a smile to my face was the knowledge that you can be as Earthy as you like but when the tent fever sets in, you still bawl your kids out like a crazy person, just like everyone else!

Phrases of the weekend would have to be, “Gnome Gnome Gnome Gnome” during the Charlatans set and a frustrated/disbelieving/hopeful; “Surely you must know this one?!” to SB, whose lack of musical knowledge beyond anything that doesn’t have some kind of cheesey summer holiday dance to it became glaringly apparent on Day 1!   Fear not (or maybe you should)  I can feel a mix tape coming on – tentatively titled:-  Now That’s What I call, Nothing That Has Actions or is by Gina G” 🙂

My new favourite comfort food has to be maccaroni cheese sprinkled with broken ritz crackers, jalapenos and sour cream, courtesy of Dolly’s Diner.  I learned that just because it’s free, doesn’t mean that you should drink 2 pints of frozen strawberry daiquiri at 2am. That shit will not be your friend in the morning when you have to get up and start packing up the tent.

Had a wicked time and will be soon doing it all again at Beacons Festival and hopefully again at the end of the month at Shambala.

I will need a holiday to get over this one by the time September comes around at this rate.

Even Kermy had a hot tub




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