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Brainstains & seaside therapy

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Name that tune:    “Don’t want words, don’t want no lies, they say more than what is spoken” – Raindrops, Sash

Movie Quote of the Day “It was wonderful / Yes I know, I think about it all the time” – Brideshead Revisited


Over the last couple of days, I have felt like I wanted to remove my brain and steep it in a bleach solution overnight, like you do to mugs with stubborn tannin stains.  That would be rather drastic and possibly irreversible, so instead I am going to the Motherland to steep myself in sea water and immerse myself in the collective comfort of a townsfolk who I guarantee will make me feel better about myself.  A bit like going into Bradford shopping,  but with donkeys (although round here, the donkeys do also seem to come as standard).

Back ‘in the day’ I often retreated to the homeland to smell the sea air and poke my bare toes in the beach in an effort to ground myself when it all got too much. 

That time is now! 

Hopefully I will get to catch up with some of the last survivors – the resistors of the slippery slide into decrepitude and dental neglect.  The ones who have retreated to the forests and higher ground in an effort to live out the fashion apocalypse and hide from the walking dead.

I’m rambling now.  Told you I needed a brain bleach bath.  I need to clean it, scrape the kack off and dust off the detritus.

clean me

picture courtesy of google images

Had the urge to listen to these 2 tracks today so do join me in my old school reverie.  For the first one, I shall step into my hot-tub time-machine and return to many a Friday night, back  when I was a brunette & tiny backpacks, mini A-Line skirts & little mohair jumpers were des rigueur.

Track 2 is a dedication, and track 3 – I am gutted  because it cuts off after the sexy intro and doesn’t play the main body of the track ! – Boo hiss


1) Grace – Not over Yet: 

2) Sash! – Raindrops

3) Who Am I? – Would you die for me?


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