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I fucked up (again) so I’m sorry!

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Someone once nicknamed me Kit the Catalyst and this is one of the reasons why:-

Sometimes, in my fervour for freedom of speech I forget that my gob (AKA typing fingers), can cause harm, as well as make people laugh.   Today I also tried to use a can opener on my Dirty Dancing mug instead of a can of beans with little sausages…

This proves that a) Despite being 40 years old I still need to put my brain in gear before I open my mouth and b) I am a doylem. 

Both of these unfortunate traits have got me in bother in the past and show no signs of abating with age and supposed wisdom.

What I am trying to say in my usual round the houses rambling way, is that I recently made mention of aiding and abetting (albeit in a small way, cos they were going to do it anyway)  some pals getting into Shambala over the fence.

This has brought shame and retribution onto my employers at the time – Angel Gardens, who have got into trouble because of me with the Shambala people.  For this I am deeply apologetic and have no excuses.  I have done what damage limitation I can, but just want to to put it out there that in no way did Angel Gardens, Sam O’ Brien or Keith O’ Brien have any knowledge of this or condone such deception.

My Crew T-shirt is folded away in a drawer as a reminder of what a great summer these people helped me to have by allowing me to work for them,  and how I fucked that up by dragging their good name through the mud by association with mine, and for that I am deeply sorry 😦



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