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and then Ken Barlow told me to store tinned peaches in my shed for a nuclear winter…

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… so it must be true.

OK so he doesn’t actually say the World will end or that we need to stockpile tinned items and bottled water, but the gist of it is there… and George Lucas is in on it too so that’s all the evidence I need!

Am not sure whether I fall into the camp of negative energy to be wiped out by an earthquake/ tsunami or other unspecified natural disaster, or I fall into the golden-aged loved-up camp.  I won’t lie to you that I’d rather be in Camp (B) than (A) but personally I don’t fancy my chances.

Am not sure whether or not to go along with the childerbeast’s inevitable, soon to be drafted Christmas list, as they flick through the Argos book, or to go all Sarah Connors on their asses & train them in mortal combat and show them how build a fire and open the tinned peaches with a Swiss Army Knife.

The end is surely nigh – Whales beaching themsleves in Scotland and even worse – our magical, witchcraft digital TV box has died!   We can watch TV on it but it refuses to record anything for longer than 4 minutes.  It lies to us and tells us it has recorded the whole programme but will only relinquish a tantalizing few minutes worth before it freezes and we have to turn the entire thing off at the mains.  We’re all doomed!

We may be forced to go old school and fire up the old Betamax!


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