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but does it come with it’s own wolf fleece cape?

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I like to have a browse at those innovations booklets or catalogues of crap that fall out of the TV guide or come through the postbox every now and then.    How else is a girl to find out about the joys of solar-powered parrots for the garden, shock absorbers for walking frames, glow-in-the dark Jesus statuettes or indeed discover the Wolf Fleece Cape of legend?

I have to admit to being slightly disturbed however by this page in Healthy Living magazine as I perused for potential Christmas giftage over my jacket potato at tea time today:-

Woah! hold the phone on item 3!

Am not sure at the logic of thinking that anyone who requires an adult bib should be allowed to take charge of a rampant rabbit, and I’m amused that such an item is being marketed as “a pleasurable way to relieve stress”. Almost in the style of those Victorian cures for “Hysteria” AKA “The disease of the mid-quarters from neck to knee”.

All better now dearie?

Are these essential items for life in some way linked in someone’s mind somewhere at Healthy Living?   Perhaps there’s some kind of two for one deal on the rabbit and the “magic gloves to cure hurting hands” (maybe the hands wouldn’t hurt as much if you switch from manual to the rabbit?)  I can see why the nail softener might fit into this equation but I need to know if the tights have extra room to accommodate the rabbit and where the hell does the salt come into all this?

 I shall leave a copy in the staff room and await with bated breath the Secret Santa gift exchange at the end of the Christmas term! *


 * provided we’re aren’t all living in my shed by then eating tinned peaches with Ken Barlow




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  2. “mummy, why is grandma buzzing?”
    Have to say though.. 19.99? bargain!


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