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No, it doesn’t but it does have a ladyfriend…..

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I checked the website and it turns out that it doesn’t come with it’s own Wolf Fleece Cape: (

However it did arouse a certain amount of interest in the staff room, with the standard response going something like this:-  “What on earth is something like that doing in one of these catalogues, they’re for old people… Oooh hang on, it’s only 20 quid!!”

How I missed it, I do not know but the eagle eyed Gene Genie spotted something for Grandad on Page 38:-

Merry Christmas Grandpa!

Tucked away on a page also advertising wheelchair blankets; those blankets with sleeves for you to slob out on the couch under and a lap table with legs.  All no doubt strategically used to hide that fact that Little Miss Lucy is busy beneath!   If all that excitement at the nursing home gets too much of course, you could always order some of the men’s incontinence undies that were also on the same page.

It would also seem that the website of Healthy Living offer so much more than the items displayed in their free catalogue nestled within your TV Guide or Woman’s Weekly.  Forget Little Miss Lucy… why not treat Gramps to a more obviously named “Muffie”  (woman with stars for nips and twat not included).

It’s a novelty pencil pot Grandma… honest




Forget eBay, this may be my new one-stop online shopping favourite!

Christmas looms people (be afraid, very afraid!)



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