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YEAH! So there!

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This wasn’t the Bman – but it could easily have been and is probably one of his colleagues. train-conductor-attacked-by-passenger-travel-rail-attack

Be nice to the ticket dude please, buy a ticket, sit the fuck down and stop being an asshole!  This is the kind of fuckwittage they have to deal with on a daily basis!

Also, this could easily be your child.  schools-plans-to-build-prison-block

Sort ’em out at home and they might not have to build places like this. 

People like me certainly don’t get paid enough to deal with the kind of shit that warrants this kind of thing having to be implemented but we sure as hell are expected to put up with it.  Why?  Why the hell should we?

 If you don’t feel it’s right to treat kids like crims, scuffers and scumbags then they shouldn’t behave like crims, scuffers and scumbags. 

End of!

Right!  Rant over, time for a cuppa and maybe a bit of stress relief.  (Now how on earth could I do that I wonder?)  🙂


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