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So, I had a fight with my front door this morning. 

The lock refused to relinquish the key, so I spent 5 minutes shouting at it and almost weeping, while the childerbeast stood shoulder to shoulder on the front path, sharing awkward glances at one another. Doubtless both thinking the same thing.  i.e.  “Why is our mother such a crazy person?” and “Man, I hope nobody I know walks past and sees this!”

Eventually the key gave up and succumbed to the tirade of abuse it was getting and released itself, also probably thinking; “Why is this woman such a crazy person?” and “Man I hope no other keys in the neighbourhood can hear this”. Except it wouldn’t have done, what with keys being inanimate objects and all that..

“Hello.  Is that the Cuckoo’s Nest?  I’d like to book a room please, one with an Indian Chief cellmate who pretends to be mute.”

Question of the day posed by the Bman today as we discussed whether he was more attractive than Davros and why I shouldn’t put verruca cream on my face.. (true story… and no, I didn’t.)

“What do Daleks eat?”


and apparently it’s this:-

>Daleks “eat” by breathing in nutritious gases, which are made from certain plant life found on Skaro. It is transformed into small dust particles which are easily absorbed in a gaseous state. These “food” gases are always carried on Dalek space ships, or if the Daleks are on another planet, their “food” can be made using certain types of pulverized plant life which is then processed into a gaseous form.

Courtesy of the Internet (so it must be true)

So don’t say reading this shit doesn’t teach you anything!



FYI  for the record, I do find my husband more attractive than Davros


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