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..and sometimes other people write it for me!

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 Friends often ask me, “When do you get the time to write your blog?”  They also compliment me on my writing style. On occasion I get blasted for saying too much or crossing a line.    Mostly though, this shit just writes itself. 

Thanks to the information superhighway however, sometimes I strike lucky and someone else writes it for me. Like that troll last year who left me comments saying that anyone who liked the Harry Potter books was a retard and a dick.

Also making for often bewildering reading are comments left by spammers who latch onto your blog by certain key words.  These two unapproved comments left for me on the following two recent posts, are worthy of mention and make for most entertaining reading. 

>Witches are not the wholesome, family oriented people they claim to be. Doreen Irvine, a practicing witch for many years, said, Many “witches were lesbians and homosexuals.” And she’s right. I have a poster, letter and application in my files for, as they called it, “FAGGOT WITCH CAMP.” The letter advertised the “second annual FAGGOT WITCH CAMP, August 26-30, 1991.” This event was held at Wyalusing State Park in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. According to the letter, “Our purpose in organizing this event is to gather with like-minded queer men and to explore our unique perspectives and experiences as faggot witches.” This queer event was even announced in the witch publication Circle Network News; Spring 1991.

(I can only assume here that the key words was ‘witchcraft’) 

> Hi, thank you so much for going to the effort of providing this information. My baby is 5 months old. Since he was 6 weeks old he has only pooed once every 22 days. He has had terrible tummy pains, awful wind, colic & reflux symptoms & a rash on his face. he is a fully breastfed baby. A week ago I decided to remove all dairy from my diet. The change in my baby is remarkable. He now poos every day & doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of pain he had prior to my change of diet. Has you come across the lack of passing a bowel motion as an allergy/intolerance symptom? Thanks

(The only connection I can make here is when I refer to ‘Lou Stools’ – fucking brilliant!) 🙂

Interestingly. both of these comments were left by the same email address based in South East Asia.  I now feel like fucking with them just to see what they come up with next.


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