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Go and get stuffed!

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Officially my new favourite FB page/website.  Thank you Wiggy for bringing it to my attention.

Even better than that Embarrassing Nightclub Photos page, where so far, I have yet to see myself.  Thank fuck!  (Possibly because the last time I was in a nightclub in a total state, was around 12 years ago!)

Now I’m an animal lover and a vegetarian and I realise that these beasties, in all likelihood died of fairly natural causes,  (if natural involves being stoved in by a motor vehicle, judging by some of their faces) but I can’t help but love these pictures!

I love my pussycats and have often pondered how I would deal with their passing when the feline grim reaper comes a knocking.  Knowing now that I have the option of getting them fashioned, post-mortem, into some kind of desktop bureau or mini chest of drawers for my ear-plugs and nick-nacks brings me great comfort.

best present ever

Dead rodent subbuteo – what’s not to like?

My kind of class!

For the record, I wonder if they do humans? Lets be honest, most of us have been badly stuffed and poorly mounted at some stage in our lives. Why not follow through in death? I can see myself arranged in some horrifying, grimacing, wrinkled forehead tableau, perhaps as a deterrent to n’er-do-wells at school, or as a warning to shoplifters in the aisle of a store, like those cardboard cut-outs of policemen. 

Or a filing cabinet.    I’m not fussy   🙂


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