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A Foxtrot Foxtrot Sierra kinda day!

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What a shitey start to the week today! 

Rain of biblical proportions, which is always great fun to stand out in without a coat, when the damn fire alarm goes off by mistake at work!  Fun, in fact only for the majority of the people who didn’t hear it and therefore did not leave the building to get soaked!

If that wasn’t enough to set the tone of the day, a spot of full contact wrestling on the floor and having ones glasses kicked off ones face is a pretty good reason to break that ‘no alcohol at home during the working week’ rule.

Make mine a large one please barlord!

That’ll teach me to say the magic words “It all seems so much better than last year”. 


More to the point, for someone who trawls the net daily for snippets and news –  I clearly missed the sign up sheet for this bad boy:-

If today was anything to go by I’d have been right up for that!  🙂

In the meantime, apparently It’s not going to stop raining for the forseeable…


Brollies akimbo!


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