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Nice One Top One Get Sorted

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So, I watched the live ecstasy trial show on C4 last night (although I forgot it was on and missed the first 20 minutes).

I couldn’t help but immediately feel like it was 22 years too late at best, and at worst…. a load of old shite.

Turns out that MDMA affects your brain and alters your mood to chill you out somewhat and make you feel unusually affectionate toward people.

Really?  You don’t say!  Well strike me, thanks for that!

If we’re waiting for medical confirmation that long-term usage might cause spinal  fluid to dry up and give you back issues and shrinkage.  Well, these trouser hems aren’t dragging along the floor for any other reason I can think of!

It’s my own personal opinion and in the interests of the Second Summer of Love type vibe – I apologise for being overly scathing but…

  • 38 year old man pilled-up in what looked like his local pub surrounded by kids 20 years younger than him…


  • 3 young teenagers bromancing it up on the bed as they skinned-up, got loved-up and set the world to rights one Coldplay track at a time…

              Twats! (and at least one of them, in all likelihood, secretly gay)  


  • 40-something Suit in the audience with;  “over 6000 facebook friends from back in the day”

             Bell End!

It’s on again tonight & I’m not sure if I’ll bother (though I probably will).  I’m hoping they do it properly this time and fire up some banging hardcore house; a set of strobes; crack open the Vapour Rub and all sit round the studio, massaging one another until their eyes start to roll in the back of their head and one of ’em pisses themselves!

Good times.   🙂

Apparently they’re discussing tonight the effects of MDMA on your memory.








Now what was I talking about again?




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