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Maintain your focus Woman!

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The weekend is upon us again.  End of week 4 in the Big Brother house and insanity has set in.

Note to self:  Stay focused on the topic in hand and remember what year group you are teaching for the afternoon. 

Do not get sidetracked during a Show & Tell and start waxing lyrical on the beauty of Rome and the recurring phenomenon in nature of the Fibonacci Sequence. 

Cue, a sea of bemused 8-year-old faces.  


Also best to leave it, as far as explaining why some words in French start with ‘Une’, ‘Un’, ‘Le’, ‘La’ , ‘Les’  or ‘Des’.   “They just are!”  should be sufficient at this stage –  let them deal with the specifics once they get to High School.

I learned something myself though:- Apparently chameleons are similar to humans because (and I quote)  “They wank like us”.  *

Well I never!

“How you doin’?”



*Am not sure what they actually meant… unless they’ve seen a show on the Discovery channel that I haven’t!


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