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All about ME ME ME (& how many stereotypical names can I get in one post)

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Well, like the man said…

It was good while it lasted….



Bet he was hoping it would be longer than 3 weeks though…

Also, I bet Scarborough Council are kicking themselves for rushing this one through, when there are surely dozens of local projects much more worthy of fast-tracking:-

Not sure I want to know what kind of view that is….

Kinda shat all over that whole, “Savile’s legacy will help bring tourists into the area”  idea aswell.  PR disaster times!


Speaking of which and in an unrelated (& not in any way to do with old dirty pervs…)  as far as PR disasters go  I have to congratulate Me Club on a magnificent bollocks of a promotion for their magazine.

I’ll try and keep it brief, but I can’t promise:-

About 5 weeks ago I had a cold call from Stacey (of Gav & Stace fame) or a very good facsimile of her.  She fluffy-talked me into accepting a trial copy of Me Club magazine for a 14 day, no obligation period.  For my trouble and as a thankyou I would receive a £20 voucher for petrol.


5 weeks later, I have yet to see a copy of this mystical magazine and only just today received my ‘voucher’, which, it transpires is actually a coupon I have to return to Me Club with a recent petrol receipt and they will send me back a cheque for £20. 

(Un) genuine!

Not quite what I was sold.

I was charged £1 for posting out this ‘voucher’ which took over 4 weeks to reach me, presumably due to it being sent via WW2 pigeon post.

Meanwhile… as I was concerned a week into waiting for this ‘Emporor’s New Suit’ of a magazine that my 14 day cooling off period would expire before I’d received the magazine (and then some…) I rang Me Club to ensure I was not then charged their £65 annual subscription fee.

I was assured by Gwyneth on the 18th September that I wouldn’t be, and that my sample magazine and voucher were en route.

Guess again Myfanwy!

I was robbed in my own home via the information superhighway of £65 the very next day.

 I called up.  Kicked off!   Bronwen apologised profusely and very sweetly and assured me I’d be refunded ‘within 5-7 working days’.

Why so long?  How come my pal recently sent a payment to me for theatre tickets and I got it the same day?  Why does it take so long for a business to do it when they are quick enough to take it from you?

In the meantime I’ll wax lyrical about the joys of the Me Club magazine… but hang on… I can’t because I’m still waiting for the damn thing!  Don’t want it now as it goes.  (Didn’t really want it in the first place, truth be told but now it’s a matter of principle.)

So I keep checking the old online banking situation to await my refund.  On 27th September, tidy! – £65 refund paid in.   But OH! – on the same day a further £65 was taken again, thus negating that whole refund thing.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot

Bejesus and Holy shit!

Cue 2 days of ringing, only to be informed by a robot that “It has not been possible to connect you on this occasion, please hang up”.

I emailed via their website.  Twice.

Am still waiting the courtesy of even an electronically sent acknowledgement.

I went old skool on their Welsh asses and wrote to their Head Office in Cardiff on October 1st.

I finally got through.  Stace is all fluffy apologies and urgently puts through another refund.

It’s 10th October and I still don’t have it.  I haven’t had a reply to my emails or my letter.

This evening I repeated the entire tale to Blodwyn who assured me that she would get her manager to fast-track through a refund and stress the urgency of someone getting back in touch with me.

She did very well, bless her,  and I am quite sure that I will (yet again) be featuring heavily on one of those corporate “Challenging Customer” training exercise programmes.    She has probably gone home tonight to have a large glass of red and several fags.  She’ll be reet after a lie down in a darkened room.    I wasn’t totally vile, I did say that I realised it wasn’t her fault directly but she was the one with the misfortune to have taken my call.

I’m not sure that will have helped.

 I’m still £65 down for a magazine I have yet to see, from a company based in another country, that has  form for firebombing the English.  I’m not sure I have done Anglo-Welsh relations any good. 😦

I’m not anti-Welsh.  It’s a lovely country.  Nice people.  You can see Wales from my parents’ house on a clear day.  My aunt is Welsh and I know how to say the name of that village with the ridiculously long name. 

I just want my fecking £65 back please and you can keep your aptly-named ME ME ME magazine and I’ll never gave to bother you again.

 Watch this space…



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